Recreate Microsoft Exchange Security Group in Exchange 2010

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Yesterday, when i checked exchange problem at my customer i got microsft exchange security group like Organization Management, Recipient Management, etc. is missing in Active Directory.

This article will explain how to recreate microsoft exchange security group.

Now Running /preparead won’t allow you to recreate it as OtherWellKnownObjects attribute on the Microsoft Exchange Container  will be pointing to Deleted Objects , It has to be Removed


i cannot remove attribute via adsi edit


then i try to remove via LDP

type windows+R type LDP

Click Connection then connect, Click Ok if you running on the Server itself


View tree


Choose > Configuration Container


Now You won’t be Expand it . Unless you Bind it

Connection –> Bind


Double Click on Configuration > To Expand

Scroll down to Microsoft Exchange Container > Right Click > Modify


Now we got to Edit OtherWellKnownObject attribute

Attribute : OtherWellKnownObject

Choose : Replace

Click on Enter


Now Empty Value has been Added, Click Run


Now you could see in ADSI Edit Other Well known Objects have been Cleared


Now /preparead is successful


and now microsoft exchange security group are back


Note : you need to assign access to user account exchange administrator and computer exchange server like “exchange trusted subsystem” “Exchange Servers” “organizatoin management”and others.

good luck


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